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An Adventure of the American Mind: Joining Educators and Students With Library of Congress Resources

Propel Workshop Series Exhibits – Montreat Workshop Series B 

Creator:  Melissa Boss

School:  Cullasaja Elementary


Title:   National Parks


Grade Level(s):   5th Grade (Social Studies and Science)

 Resource Pathfinder



Topics covered will be landforms, exploration of U.S., and effects of human population on nature (need for conservation).


To promote interest in project:  Teacher will either display an enlarged print of  “Map of the United States Showing Routes of the Principal Explorers”  or project it on an ActivBoard.  Students will work in groups of 4 with each group will receive a box or envelope of information.  Each envelope will hold clues to one of four national parks or areas:  Acadia National Park, The Grand Canyon National Park, The Great Smoky Mountains, and Yosemite National Park.  Each packet will contain an early map, early writings describing that area such as animal life, plants and geographical features, and early photos/drawings.  The names of the areas will be covered and students will use these ‘clues’ to place the area in the United States. 


Student project will consist of students researching a national park.  They will use Library of Congress web site to find early/historical information and then use the National Park Service web site (www.nps.gov) to find current information such as things to do in each park and what wildlife still exists.  They will use this information to create a powerpoint to inform fellow students about their park.