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An Adventure of the American Mind: Joining Educators and Students With Library of Congress Resources

Propel Workshop Series Exhibits – Montreat Workshop Series B 

Creator:  Renee Deweese

School:  Peachtree Elementary


Title: Meet Amazing Americans:  Activists and Reformers  


Grade Level(s):   5th (Media/Social Studies)


Resource Pathfinder


Description: Students are given a random list of the Amazing Americans listed on the LOC site.  They are also given a grid sheet to fill out about these people.  Students are directed to the LOC site and taken into the area for kids.  From here they go to the Meet Amazing Americans site and research the information their grid asks for.  They complete the grid and then turn it in when complete.

Students could also create their own table in Word if time permitted and complete the table in Word format, switching between the LOC and Word windows