2002 DBQ Era: 1810 - 1860

A Digital Antebellum Quilt

by John deVille

Franklin High School

The period between 1810 and 1860 saw tremendous change in the United States in terms of the creation of a national identity, industrialization & concurrent development of a transportation infrastructure, westward expansion, the dissemination of political power, and ultimately a debate over whether the state or federal government was supreme. The political "ferment" of the period and the highly sectionalized economic development were significant factors in the seed bed out of which grew the Civil War.

North Carolina Citizens
 for Democratic Schools

Birth of Industrial Revolution
 in the United States:

The Lowell Mill Experience

from National Historical Park at Lowell

Jacksonian America - an Introduction to the period

from the Library of Congress

  The Tariff & Nullification Crisis

Rail development in North Carolina

The Romulus Saunders, an early locomotive of the Raleign & Gaston Railroad, late 19th cenury
© North Carolina Museum of History

Rail development in Franklin, NC

 Old #2 Sidewinder Engine at the Mill Building
 at the Ritter Lumber Camp near Franklin, NC.
Early 1930s
photo courtesy Siler Slagle

The Relationship between Religion & Reform
in 19th Century America

From the Library of Congress

John Brown:

Holy Warrior or Antebellum Terrorist?
From the Library of Congress

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