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North Carolina History in the 1700's

I. Important Events

A. The Vestry Act of 1701 called for the laying out of new parishes and a tax to support ministers of the churches.

B. In 1712 North and South Carolinas are formed becoming separate colonies.

C. In 1729 the King of England buys the North Carolina colony from it's proprietors

D. In 1765 the Stamp act brings a war on Sugar Creek, and Tryon becomes the first governor

E. The Non Importation Association was adopted in 1769.

1. This act said North Carolinians would not buy any British goods.

2. This action was the first to be done with an independent colonial legislature.

3. This makes North Carolina to be the "first in freedom"

Information from Powell, Williams S. North Carolina A Proud State in Our Nation, DC Heath and Co. Lexington, Mass.1993.

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The North Carolina Adventure

by Cory Farrands

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