Plants and Animals in the Smoky Mountains


Lesson 3. Research project and presentation(6 days)

The students will use the following topic to create a report and give a presentation to the class.

Disappearing Act: You have been chosen to be the replacement for the Head Park Ranger at the Smoky Mountain National Park. Different conservation groups have expressed concern that certain plant and animal species are disappearing. You have been asked to verify if this is true and prepare a report on your findings. You need to identify a specific species and provide an explanation as to why this is happening. Your report should also have pictures or information collected from the Library of Congress.( You will then present your findings, in a three to five minute presentation, at the next park forum. The class will have their own forum, with other classes being the community.

Plan: Read articles about concerns with species in the Smoky Mountains. Make a list of plants and animals that are possibly threatened or endangered.
Choose a species of animals or plants that you want to research. Decide what should be covered in the report and presentation.

Do: Work in the computer lab or with the mobile lab and get information for your report. You will finish your report and have a classmate review it. You will then work on the presentation using the finished draft of your report. You will then give your presentation to another student for review, before giving it to the class.

Bring draft to class for review by, ____________.

Look at the feedback from the other student and make improvements on your paper.

Have finished draft ready by,_____________.

Have presentation ready for review by, ___________.

Look at the feedback from the other student and make improvements on your presentation.

Turn in report and give presentation on ___________.

Have the students use rubrics from to grade the reports and presentations.


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