After the Day of Infamy

"Man-on-the-Street", Burlington, North Carolina, December 8, 1941

AFS 6366A

Unidentified Man: So what America should do is to use the stuff they're raising instead of buying from Japan in the first place.

Unidentified Man: Well, why in the hell is it that they want to keep on helping a person that's trying to take advantage of another one anyway. I can't understand that.

Unidentified Man: Good ??? like they use to wear on his legs just put in there doing hisself I thought, he couldn't furnish himself why, what's the difference. If everybody wears them ??? worry about it.

Unidentified Man: Well I tell you, if you've got to get something from Japan to put on a woman's ??? to make it look good to me, boy I'll take my bare legged socks, cotton, anything that comes from over here.

Unidentified Man: Use what they raise in America and leave Japan out of it.

Unidentified Man: The only other way ??? --

Unidentified Man: That's the only reason Japan has been as lenient as she has because the United States was their bread basket, that's all. Furnish them something to eat.

Unidentified Man: Furnish them something to eat.

Unidentified Man: There's something else in the United States, the only thing that kept Japan on the map as you said while ago it's the only thing put her in shape to wage war.

Unidentified Man: That's right, and we traded with them and furnished them enough iron and scrap from this country to keep them going --

Unidentified Man: And if President Roosevelt had his way about it been sold off a long time ago.

Unidentified Man: Yeah, that's exactly what's the matter with this.

Unidentified Man: With a few of these pacifists we have around, like Wheeler and some of them that want to keep carrying them along.

Unidentified Man: This isolationist crap remind me a whole lot of some fella that's been pulled up some theft job, you know, when he went to look for the man who done the stealing, and the fella who did the stealing, he was riding that trying to help you find him though, you see. So now Wheeler and this crowd, what have they done? They have run back to trying to be the first ones to -- "Yes sir, we'll fight. Let's whoop them. Let's whoop them." They are the first ones to say it. And lo-and-behold they're the ones all the time that held up the works. They listened to Roosevelt, six or seven years ago, ten years ago, he tried his best to get something started and if we had listened to him we would've been so --

Unidentified Man: He could see this coming before a lot of us could.

Unidentified Man: Well he's just -- that foresight just like Woodrow Wilson had in the early war. It's the forethought, foresight. And if they had listened to Roosevelt we'd be in the shape today that Japan would've been -- they would've been over there banging each other up afraid that ??? was going to get them. That's what they would have been doing.

Unidentified Man: Well you've just got a few of these damn Republicans around here though that you can't -- that you've just got to knock in the head before they got sense enough to say a thing like that.

Unidentified Man: Well, it wasn't only Republicans it was some of these people, like Wheeler I never could see his view at all.

Unidentified Man: He never had any --

Unidentified Man: Anyone could have seen that we had to fight Japan at some time or other or else they'll get their own way and what would be the difference?

Unidentified Man: Well, that's the thing about it ???.

Unidentified Man: Let them do what they please there would be nothing left of him.

Unidentified Man: Well if we had left them along what would they have done? When they got Asia under their control, why then they would come up and they'd say, well now we'll take the Philippine Islands, and we'll take Honolulu, we'll take them one at a time. Well they're not going to do nothing about it we can let them come on. The first thing you know, they would have been down here . . . we would have been dashed to send a fishing boat out in one of our bays down here, you can go fishing there.

Unidentified Man: Well I don't see how President Roosevelt had the guts. The preparations that he has today, if he got them started even, with the bunch he had against him. Everybody -- there are so many fought everything he tried to do.

Unidentified Man: It just shows that he is just a man in history. He never been able to do it. We talk, just such fellas as Wheeler and --

Unidentified Man: I don't think we've never had a man president who is as smart as President Roosevelt is and certainly never was a man in history that ever was a friend of the laborer that President Roosevelt is.

Unidentified Man: And they can talk about the labor unions all they want to, but we don't need one because the government [under the president certainly(?)] will look out of labor.

Unidentified Man: He did everything proper for labor since he'd been in. He's a man of means, a man that never had hardships as other people did, but he saw other people's hardships and did everything in the world he could for labor and man and then a lot of them turned him down.

Unidentified Man: And just such --

Unidentified Man: A lot of these pacifists and --

Unidentified Man: Just such fellas as Bob Reynolds. What's Bob Reynolds done. He's gone around and he got in Washington. He never would have been elected if it hadn't been for he went around and he made out like, "Yes sir", he says, "I'm going to run every alien out of this country. Foreigners all have to go home when I get through." And the people fell for that, and like what did you get?